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Added (complete datasheets):
-2012-11-23, Atlantic City
-2012-11-20, New York
-2012-08-04, Oakland
-2012-07-01, Uniondale
-2010-06-10, San Jose

I'm going to remove some inactive user accounts in a week from now. I've sent a warning message to you if you weren't logged in during the last 12 months or you didn't have a dvd collection set up. Total of 25 user accounts were already removed because of invalid e-mail address specified in account settings.

Added (complete datasheet):
-2012-06-16, Minneapolis

Updated (due to upgraded version):
-1987-12-05, Detroit

Added (complete datasheets):
-2012-11-05, Boston
-2012-11-02, New York (TV)
-2012-07-21, Philadelphia

Updated (due to upgraded versions):
-1993-11-06, San Sebastian
-1988-08-07, Middletown

The latest ten...

...dvds added or updated:
1993-09-04, Wantagh (updated on 2013-07-04)
2012-08-04, Oakland (updated on 2013-04-13)
2012-11-23, Atlantic City (updated on 2013-04-13)
2012-11-20, New York (updated on 2013-04-13)
2012-07-01, Uniondale (updated on 2013-04-13)
2010-06-01, San Jose (updated on 2013-04-01)
1987-12-05, Detroit (updated on 2013-02-16)
2012-06-16, Minneapolis (updated on 2013-02-16)
2012-11-05, Boston (updated on 2013-01-27)
2012-11-02, New York (updated on 2013-01-27)

...dvd reviews:
1998-12-17, Philadelphia (reviewed by eyeofatiger)
1977-06-24, Houston (reviewed by Bruxo)
2007-05-04, New York (reviewed by Bruxo)
1999-07-14, Making Of Pump (reviewed by Bruxo)
2010-06-01, San Jose (reviewed by aerosmithcostarica)
1994-12-06, Chicago (reviewed by roosterblues)
1984-12-12, Houston (reviewed by roosterblues)
1990-01-21, Philadelphia (reviewed by roosterblues)
2009-06-24, Burgettstown (reviewed by AerosmithAndQueen)
2009-00-00, A&E Biography (reviewed by tylerSP)


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Without these people and sites Aerosmith DVD Database wouldn't be like what it is now.

Aerosmith - For the greatest music on the planet. I listen to it practically on a daily basis!
Warmaker - For the original photo that's used on the menu! Helsinki 2007! :)
The people who I've collected these dvds with! - It's been a pleasure!
The sites like Aerosmith Setlists and Live for ten - The best places for Aerosmith's tour and setlist information!
The rest of you, for testing the site and so on, I believe you know who you are!