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DVD Datasheet: 2009-00-00 - A&E Biography

General info:
Date: 2009-00-00
Location: A&E Biography
Venue: -
Tour: *Special Non-Tour DVD

Dvd type:

Pro shot
Duration: 0h 45m
Chapters available: Yes, every 3-4 min
Number of cameras: Many
Number of dvds: 1 (2.66 GB)

Audio quality:

5 / 5
Audio properties: Codec: AC3
Other: 48000Hz, 256 kb/s (CBR), stereo (2/0)

Video quality:

5 / 5
Video properties: Codec: MPEG2
Format: NTSC
Resolution: 720 x 480
FPS: 29.970
Display Aspect Ratio: 1.778 (16:9)


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Track list:
1. A&E Biography

Other notes

-This is a biography much like VH1 Behind the music, but worse, only Joe and Brad from Aerosmith, no Aerosmith music on the background.
-This was broadcasted in 2009 but doesn't add much updates compared to VH1 Behind the music (which was done in 2002).
-It has some rare comments from Tim Collins (Aerosmith's manager 1984-1996). From wikipedia: "In 2009, Tim Collins did an interview for the Biography Channel, which later appeared on the A&E Network. An article in the Boston Globe mentioned that Collins' interview on Biography's Aerosmith special was a "real surprise" since it was his first interview since being fired, thirteen years prior."

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